Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Rare Day of Domestic Divaness

Today was an incredibly busy day full of extra domestic duties.  Normally a day will involve cooking, keeping track of the kids, cleaning (hahaha), dishes, etc., etc.  Today had extra measures of June Cleaver.

This morning started out with the normal breakfast, getting dressed (jeans today--probably going into town) and drinking my coffee.  Titus has been sick and hasn't been able to participate in the weeks activities, so I told him we could do any project he wants today.  He decided he wanted to do an art project and after looking through all the boxes upstairs, I realized the bulk of our art supplies hadn't made it here yet.  So, into the suburban we go for a trip to one of our three store facilities-Stretch's shop.  Off to home again.
Upside down pineapple bundt cake

Then came the fun stuff.  This Sunday we have a potluck after church so I needed to make some food.    I stumbled across a box of acini de pepe just waiting to be made into frog eyed salad.  However that particular salad has both gluten and eggs in it, so definitely not something I can partake in.  Since I always take something I know I can eat so I don't starve before I get home...I made a gluten free, egg free upside down pineapple bundt cake, because lunch can totally consist of just cake!  If it turns out as good as it smelled, I'll get you all the recipe.  So there my kitchen was with breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, and the insane amount of dishes it takes to make two potluck dishes.  Then, just for the fun of it, I made a new sensory bin with the big bag of oats that Maddox so thoughtfully dumped out onto the floor for me.  With that project done, we are on to the next activity.

The three younger kids and I went outside while the cake was baking to do a little yard clean-up.  Since we don't have a yard, just dirt that's been dug up by the bulldozer, yard clean-up consists of taking big branches and roots to the burn pile.  During this time, I realized that I haven't unpacked my cake plate with the handy bundt cover.  Now remember, we have three places we store our stuff at the moment since the house is just too small, two tents here at the property and the basement of Stretch's shop.  After frantically searching through the tents and coming up empty, I realize we have to go back into town.  The timer goes off, the cake cools on the counter and we load everyone back into the suburban and head into town.

Digging through the boxes at the shop is more times then not like a treasure hunt.  You aren't real sure which box contains what, so a systematic digging is in order.  After looking through the most hopeful boxes and then moving onto the "Please Lord, let it be here!" boxes, I come up with a war cry of success, shaking the cake plate high above my head in triumph.  Then, loading everyone back into the suburban, we head on home.

When we get home, Maddox goes down for his nap and the middle two kiddos and I start on our art project.  We made mandalas.  Titus and I both decided we needed to work on our drawing and symmetry skills.  Titus and Sadie painted their's with watercolors, which turned out absolutely beautiful.  I put my coloring on hold until I can sit for a bit.

While the little artists cleaned up their mess, since good artists must take care of their supplies, I washed the mountain of dishes so I could create more dishes needed cleaned.  With that task done, I went onto making dinner.  Tonight was Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken, which was absolutely delicious, and a super yummy salad.  While that was cooking, the littles and I took a nice walk around the drive.  The mud puddles are especially nice.
Pile o'dishes

With dinner served and scarfed down and dishes done, I was able to sit out in the sun with the hubs while the kids and dogs ran around like wild animals.  Then back inside for a quick vacuum of the floor (there was still oats lingering around).  Now I believe I'll relax and watch Pippi Longstocking with the kids.
Pan roasted lemon chicken


  1. Hi Sara, I have just found your blog via Sue at Stories of an Unschooling Family, and it is really great to find a Christian unschooling blog! I don't know any unschoolers in real life, so blogs are how I get my encouragement for unschooling. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Thanks Wendy for stopping by! I'm a bit eclectic in my blogging, but hope to be putting more of our homeschool journey on here. Hope you stop by again!

  2. I love this cutaway slice of daily life. It makes my mama heart smile! It's refreshing to see and hear of the messes and what you did and then choose to enjoy your kids and husband and the precious moments you get to spend with them.