Monday, December 7, 2015

Travelocity....option or no?

After pouring over the maps yesterday, Josef, Rocky and Quank decided they should maybe look into a quicker, more convenient way to travel. Since Travelocity has that adorable gnome (that little guy just cracks Quank up!), they hopped online. Surprisingly, there's no commercial flights showing out of Baghdad!

What was great about this was the first thing that Tucker said this morning was "They didn't have planes!!"  We then spent a little time later today talking about where scholars believe the wise men came from and how Babylon (which no longer exists) was located around 60 miles from Baghdad, Iraq.  We discussed climate and terrain, what it would be like to travel across the desert and Tucker asked about if there were ruins of Babylon.  We looked up how far it is from Babylon to Bethlehem, converted the number from kilometers to miles then calculated how long it would take you to walk it if you walked continually, 12 hours a day and 8 hours a day.  It was then we understood why the gentlemen were scoping out Travelocity.

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