Monday, July 13, 2015

Manic Monday #8 - Concrete and the Body of Christ

I just realized it's Monday!  This week definitely was manic and fantastic and exciting in more ways than one.  Last Monday a truly special thing happened.  Let me tell you the story.
Titus helping lay foam and plastic.

With Stretch only having two days off a week, our timeframe for doing big projects for the house gets a little tricky to make work, especially since his days off are Sunday and Monday, rather than the traditional Saturday.  Well, Sunday we were prepping the house to pour the concrete slab the following morning.  This was fun since it was a project all of us could help with.  Sadie cleared all the rocks from the plastic, Titus helped lay down the foam boards, and Maddox cheered us on.  At this point in the evening, around 7 or so, Stretch had about 4 hours worth of work tying tubing together for in-floor heat to be ready to pour at 6 in the morning (it was forecasted to be a very hot day.)  He had two people lined up to come help, neither of who had experience, for a 6 man job at least.
Sadie picking out all the little rocks.

Then we hear a truck rolling up the drive, and Stretch's friend, Nick, who has worked construction on the side of his Baptist pastoring gig, drives up.  He had an itch to come out and see how far we had gotten.  He heard what was going on, told Stretch he had an extra cement mixer he'd run and get and come back to help tie tubes.  He brought our other friend, Joe, back with him, and in under an hour, they had Stretch's 4 hour job done!  Isn't God amazing!  I'm so thankful that He gave Nick that desire to come check things out.
Beautiful sight at 6 in the morning!!!!

The next morning, bright and early at 6 o'clock, we had not two, but four guys show up to give a hand!  Later in the morning another friend showed up to work!  With Nick and Stretch's experience working concrete and everyone else's muscle power, they were able to finish the job by 12:30!!!  We went from the night before not knowing if we'd be able to pour the whole slab to getting it done faster than Stretch ever expected to.  To top it off it was one of the hottest days we've had yet, so these wonderful men were sweating and sore and exhausted by the end of the morning.

Titus supervising to make sure Stretch does a good job.
Getting closer!
Finishing up by 12:30!!!

That is the Body of Christ, coming to the aid of our fellow believers, not expecting anything, just willing to help.  One of the blessings of living here in Tok is that we have seen this happen more than anywhere else we've lived.  Maybe it's the harsh extremes of this land that pulls us together even more than normal.  Maybe it's that sense of frontier spirit that we still embrace, a join hands in working to raise a barn, slap on a roof or pour some concrete.  Whatever it is, I love that my children get to see first hand the specialness and importance of the Body of Christ working together as one.  So thank you Nick, Joe, Dave, Micah, Jeff, and Bella for helping us with this big step toward a roof come winter.  Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing us together and working amidst us!  Have a blessed and manic one!
It was so hot we were able to carefully walk on it by evening.

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