Monday, July 27, 2015

Manic Monday #10 - Wash Line Ministry

This last week the hubs built me my outdoor laundry room.  It's attached to our duck shed (though it no longer holds ducks) with a sturdy floor made from lumber Stretch milled himself and a great roof. He put an old freezer in there for a counter and a little shelf to hold the laundry soap.  He then strung four lines on the opposite side of the duck shed to trees in the woods for line drying.  He really thought of everything.  Things can get a little tricky with extension cords and extra hoses from the well and drainage, but all his thoughtfulness created a laundry room I'm amazed to say I love doing laundry in!
Building the floor.  The Princess  doesn't like the noise.

Laundry, by far, is one of my worse household chores.  There's always just been something about it that seems a bother to me.  Maybe it's the neverendingness of it.  Maybe it's the disappearing socks.  Maybe it's the fact that you just finish a day's worth of work and the basket is full again.  Whatever the reason, I've always dreaded doing laundry.
The washer is in and set up.  The work crew is proud of themselves.

This last week, in the midst of hanging wet socks and underwear, God ministered to me.  As I looked at the line with the pink tutus blowing in the breeze beside the super hero underwear and the baby onesies marching along with the man-size work shirts, I realized the incredible blessings that God has given me.  This family of tumbles and sweetness and diversity of character enriches and files my life to give it a purpose beyond myself.  I was made for this moment.  I was made to be the wife of a dream-filled man and the mother to more children than I thought I'd ever want.  I'm blessed with the opportunity to reflect God's love every minute of every day to little ones who will one day be sent into this world with their own God-ordained purpose and just how pathetically short I fall more often than not.
The Princess is helping.

Supervisor....isn't he cute!

Laundry, my worst stinking chore of all, took on a whole new meaning.  God ministered to me, showing me how each little sock that I hung on that line represented the little feet and hearts that were entrusted to me by my Creator.  That each little foot would follow me in the example that I give, whether good or bad.  And as I hung those socks that used to annoy me to no end, I thanked God for granting me the privilege of raising my children and prayed that their little feet that those sock keep warm and protected would always walk in the way of the Lord.
Stretch even did a load of laundry!

God reminded me of Psalm 127:4-5 "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.  How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them..."  I may not have a quiverful, but I certainly have a laundry-line full, and I am blessed for the gift of them.
Roof and shelf installed!  Best place to wash clothes ever!
Have a blessed and manic one!!!


  1. Oh thank-you so much for sharing! How inspiring and simple but yet so profound to realize what God is doing in and through you.

  2. Isn't amazing when you find God in the mundane!! Hope to see you soon!