Sunday, June 28, 2015

Manic Monday #6 Mukluk Land

While there are many attractions that draw visitors to Interior Alaska, a much-underrated treasure is Tok’s own Mukluk Land.  This quaint little fun park is a gem not just because of the fun activities and oddities it totes, but also because the owners, George and Beth Jacobs, are just about the sweetest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet.  Every time we go there, Beth’s eyes light up with joy, like her best friend who she hasn’t seen for awhile just came to visit…and it’s not just with us.  She has greeted every person I’ve seen come there with that sincere warmth and love.  It makes you want to just linger and absorb.
Something for everyone...Engine Alley, full of unique engines for guys to grunt over.
Sadie and Titus pulling an outhouse from the Dawson City Outhouse Race.
So this last Wednesday I told Titus and Sadie (Tucker’s still in Colorado) that we were going to have our first trip to Mukluk Land the next day.  Jumps for joy, shouts of exuberance, almost tears of happiness filled the land.  Yet upon waking we were greeted with rain.  While Mukluk Land is open 2-8 rain or shine June through August, the attraction our under 6 children love the most, the ginormous bouncy house, is not operational in the rain.  I looked at Titus and told him he better start praying.  Yet the rain kept falling.  At 2:15 it finally stopped, the skies cleared, and I said, “Well, let’s go see if they are going to chance it.”
Titus jumping the "river" to the safety of the bouncy house.
When we walked up the drive we could see Mr. Jacobs pulling the tarp from the bouncy house and the motor blowing it up.  Titus ran up to Mrs. Jacobs to tell her that he prayed and God answered his prayers, and she was so excited for him, she made him go immediately to tell Mr. Jacobs the good news.  How awesome is God to bolster a young one’s faith with a simple answered prayer. Then the afternoon of fun commenced.
Friendly neighborhood bear.
Typical Alaskan Mosquito---Titus' face is classic!!!
We bounced on the bouncy house.  Titus worked on his front flips.  We ate cotton candy and popcorn.  We explored the collection of interesting outhouses.  Titus got a bug bite from a typical Alaskan mosquito.  Sadie and Titus visited with the local bear.  We toured the Engine Alley, and peeked in Santa’s Rocket Ship.  After bouncing some more, we went to visit Mrs. Jacobs again and play skee ball.  By this time, we were too tired for a round of miniature golf, so we decided that will have to wait until next time.
So that's how Santa does it!
All this fun cost us a whapping $5.75.  Yep, that’s it folks.  When Tucker is here, it may cost as much as $10 dollars, maybe, but that’s only if we get snacks, which we don’t every time.  I’m telling you, the Jacobs are amazing.  This little elderly couple have been collecting items for this museum of sorts and giving kids and adults a place of fun for years  It’s such a blessing in this little town that doesn’t have much as far as entertainment goes.  We are so thankful for George and Beth and encourage anyone who is in the Tok area to make time to stop at the one-of-a-kind Mukluk Land. 
My Alaskan goldpanner

Taking an old snow machine (or snow mobile for you lower 48ers) for a ride.  There are a huge collection of these things!
And as an extra special note, the rain started back up 10 minutes after we left.  God gave Titus his window of fun, and he hasn’t been able to stop letting that slip into conversations since.  Until next time, have a manic and blessed one!
Sadie carrying her baby while ice fishing. 

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