Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 10- Ruth

Ruth, the foreigner, the widow, the tenderhearted woman.  I love Ruth.  Every time I read her story, it breaks my heart a little then encourages me a lot.  This lady did not give up.  When she could’ve taken the easy road and gone back to her family, she chose to stay with Naomi, her mother-in-law, to take care of her, to travel to a world she’d never been before all because she had heard of the great I Am and believed.  Ruth did what a lot of us are unwilling to do, get uncomfortable.  I truly feel as if Ruth knew that even though it would be immensely hard, God’s way of life was better than the life she had come from.  Trust me, it was not easy on her. 

Ruth had to go in the fields and pick the grain from the ground that dropped as they were harvesting it just so her and Naomi could eat.  Can you imagine what hot, backbreaking work that must have been?  Then on top of it, you are surrounded by a bunch of ladies who don’t know you, don’t speak your language and are being the way a group of ladies can be sometimes: nasty.  Imagine high school and you are the one on the outside.  You’d think after a few thousand years us women would change for the better. sigh. Poor Ruth.

I don’t know, but for some reason I think she might have known that if she went back to her family, to the way she had lived before God, the easy way (because it truly would’ve been an easier life for her), she would have fallen back into the sins of her past.  We really should take a lesson from Ruth.  Sometimes, just maybe, we need to cut ties with people and situations that will pull us back into sin, into our life before God, even though we may be extremely uncomfortable.  Just a thought.

For our craft, we did something a little different.  We have 800 lbs of wheat berries (you know the thing that you grind to get wheat flour), and since Ruth gathered grain from the ground, I wanted to somehow use the wheat berries in our ornament.  Next year I’ll probably put a little more thought into this one, but on the fly it would do.

Blank index card
Wheat berries
Something to frame the card with (craft stick, feather, leaves, etc)

So what the boys did was cover the entire card with color.  Then for Big T, I wrote Ruth’s name in cursive with a pencil and he traced it with glue and for Lil t, I wrote Ruth’s name in print with glue.  They then put the wheat berries on the glue.  For a frame to fancy it up a bit, Big T glued craft feathers around the edge and Lil t glued craft sticks.  (If you haven’t realized, when you live in the bush you are limited to what you have on hand….we have a lot of craft sticks!)

God Bless!

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