Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Day Two

The Temptation and the Fall...this morning we continued reading The Jesse Tree, and I'm going to tell you again, I am loving this book!!! Last night we read The Storybook of Jesus which is also incredibly beautiful.  Both are wonderful renditions of the story of Jesus in ways that children and adults enjoy.  My intro post has links to all the books and some of the websites that I'm using for this study.

Now with our ministry, the boys hear often and have a pretty good understanding about the definition of sin: anything you think, say or do that displeases God (although that doesn't include the sin of omission-things we should do but don't-but they are 7 and 4 so that will have to wait until later).  However I really wanted them, especially Tucker, since some of it is still a bit too complicated for Titus, to move past the rout knowledge they're learning from our Kids Clubs and journey into the application of sin.  After Tucker read Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." we broke the verse apart and I had them explain it to me.  They explained that 'all' means every single person on earth and the 'falling short' means that our sin forever separates us from God.  Titus even did the hand motions of explaining how God wants us to be intertwined like our hands holding each other but our sin pushes them apart so they can never get together simply by doing good things, no matter how good they are.  Now getting them to admit to sins they've done when I asked for examples was a bit harder.  Titus because he's still a bit young and doesn't quite get it, Tucker because he doesn't want to admit or is embarrassed by his sin.  I know it's not that he doesn't understand that he sins, because when he gets in trouble we don't just punish, we try to explain the sin, why it's a sin and give Biblical support for the explanation and when he gets in trouble he explains to us in ways that we know he understands.  So I'm not entirely sure why it was hard for him to give an example, maybe he was worried he'd get punished.

So we sat down and really talked about it.  I explained that we are learning about sin because it is part of our story and relationship with Jesus.  I talked about how we can try and try to do good, but our good is never enough, there will forever be sin in our lives. That doesn't mean we should stop doing good or growing so that we sin less and less, but the ONLY way we will ever get to heaven and the ONLY reason we can do good to begin with is because of Jesus dying on the cross so we can be forgiven of our sins.  We talked about when Tucker accepted Jesus as his Savior and he became a child of God that the vast of sin that separates us from God was erased.  Now when we do sin, we can ask for forgiveness and He will give it.  Needless to say, what I thought would be an breeze day give our ministry history turned into a morning full of wonderful insight and conversation.

cuties holding their snakes
Our ornament for today is an apple and snake made from Crayola Air-Dry Clay...which means it probably won't be ready for the tree until at least tomorrow.  The boys molded an apple, then a snake that they wrapped around the apple.  I put an ornament hook into the top, hoping the clay will harden around it and hold.  When it is dry (which they are on the wood stove so they will dry faster), we'll be painting it.  Super easy and fun!  The prize in the advent is a pack of Juicy Fruit gum for each, which I thought was clever and completely coincidental.
Unpainted apples with a snake..will post finished when done.

Tucker being silly with the clay

I wanted to show you how the newspaper article idea I posted in the intro is going.  We unwrapped the people and the children placed them in the building.  After Sadie wandered dangerously around with the shepherd, we moved the nativity to a higher level.  I placed the wise men on a bookshelf on the opposite side of the room, which confused the boys until I explained that the wise men weren't there when Jesus was born.  And of course, Jesus has not arrived yet, so the manager is empty.  I happened to have a stained glass coloring book for suns, planets and stars, so I colored the big star and glued it to a votive.  Now every night the wise men will get closer as the star shines brightly to guide them.
See the Wise Men on the shelf?
Empty manger

God Bless!

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