Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Day Three - Noah's Ark

Noah’s ark…a study of God’s promises.  So I have to be honest, we’ve read a lot of these already since we started reading daily in Genesis this school year as we work our way through the whole Bible.  So I’ve been trying to point out things that we may not have focused on the first time around so the boys aren’t like ‘enough already!’

So, today we talked about promises.  We discussed different promises God has given us, that He’ll never leave us, that He’ll always provide for us, that no one can snatch us out of His hands, and obviously that He’ll never flood the earth again.  Then we talked about the importance of the promises we make.  If we don’t follow through on promises we make, how does that effect how people see us.  Should we make promises we can’t fulfill?  I gave simple examples like if they promise a friend they can play with their lightsaber then don’t let them, is that showing God’s love or building trust?  Should we promise friends they can have as much candy as they want when they visit if mom might say otherwise?  As children of God, we need to take our promises as seriously as God does.

Today’s ornament has been my favorite by far (I may be purchasing additional clear glass ornaments to make others in different colors!!)  What you will need:

Clear glass ornaments
Blue and white paint in squeeze tubes
Colored permanent markers

1.     So we chose to just use blue and white after looking at photos of earth today and discussing what it might have looked like if there would have been a photo taken during the flood (all water, no land---science baby!).
2.     Next we took the tops off the ornaments and squeezed the paint into the ornaments.  For Sadie’s I put tape on top to hold the paint in, and the boys simply put their fingers over the hole.
3.     Shake the snot out of them.  Shake in all directions—left, right, circles, upside-down, right-side-up, etc.
4.     Check to see how the paint in swirling.  We had to add more paint and shake specifically concentrating in getting paint to a blank area.
5.     When it’s all covered on the inside, place them upside down somewhere so they can dry.
6.     Next we drew the outline of an ark with brown permanent marker and then dotted to fill in the ark.
7.     Finally, the boys drew a rainbow with the markers.

All day the boys did Noah things.  They built an ark with the MagnaTiles and put animals and people in it (until the animals rioted and busted the ark up).  They pretended to be Noah and animals.  Lots of fun. We read and the boys devoured this incredibly good book:

In the Advent bag I put an package of animals I got at the store for a couple bucks and a pack of building craft sticks I found at Walmart that has notches in them to better build with.  As a family, we tried to build an ark with them that could hold the animals.  We then put it and the animals in the tub to see if it would float!  Such a fun night!

Until tomorrow, God Bless!!!

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