Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Day One

Well, for being -40 degrees today and not being able to go cut our tree like planned, the day went wonderful. 

During lunch we read the first part and creation story of The Jesse Tree.  I already love this story with the old man and young boy.  Too cute.  We talked about creation and what the old man used as his ornament for when God created everything, the sun and moon.  We talked about how we are going to be making ornaments each day and hanging them on our very own Jesse tree.  Then the hubby, 2 sons and I (while baby girl slept) went to the garage and built a manger for Jesus and made our Jesse tree. 
Sanding the manger pieces
Screwing the manger together

Sanding and being cute

For the manger, we are going to be preparing our hearts for Jesus.  Each time we do something kind or above and beyond, we will cut a length of yarn and place it in the manger we built.  As we go through these 24 days, the manger will (hopefully) get full of yarn for a soft place for Jesus to lie.  I’ll be making a simple doll wrapped in swaddling to place in the manger Christmas Eve night.  I got the idea from this wonderful website: Small Things. I seriously came away from this website wanting to live there!

Preparing our hearts for the Prince of Peace

For the Jesse Tree ornament, I took glue and made an outline for the moon and sun.  After it dried, the boys used watercolor to paint the color.  When it was dry, they cut it out, added the faces, and you have our first official Jesse tree ornament.  Too fun and super simple.

Titus took 5 minutes deciding where to hang it!
The sun & the moon
For our advent ‘calendar’ of sorts, I hung paper sacks with numbers on the curtain rod of the living room window.  I liked this idea because I can put the activity or little present in the night before or that morning, and if need be, switch the surprise if something comes up.  Tonight, we got a card to read Christmas books.  I printed the activities from Only Passionate Curiosity.

To keeping the bickering down, we are doing Titus on the odd days Tucker on the even, meaning that whoever’s day it is gets to open the sack and their ornament will go on the Jesse tree (the other’s will go on the big tree).

I pray that your advent is off to a good start!

God Bless!

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  1. I miss you so much! ..Titus is beautiful!...Tucker has grown so much and cannot wait to meet the new daughter....

    Love you! Gina from Oregon