Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rubies of the North

Another post that should've been posted in the fall....hope you enjoy!

Fall has always been my favorite season. The crispness that returns to the air. The richness that suddenly explodes from the treetops. The musky, deep smell that penetrates the earth. And while fall has always filled me with a feeling of comfort and expectation, it seems to be even stronger in the great north of Alaska.

Autumn in the north is sudden and quick, which makes me even more anxious to capture the preciousness of it in my memory and experiences. And perhaps the most amazing discovery of autumn is little hidden surprises that God has tucked away beneath the moss and fallen leaves. Taking a walk in the woods edging the yard not only awakens the mind from the chill in the air, but sends joy to the spirit as you bend down to discover that the beautiful dark ruby red low bush cranberry is ready to be picked.

I could spend hours scouring the moss and bushes for this little treasure that hides tucked beneath. Kneeling on the cool, damp ground, my fingers combing through the small leaves while my boys tease me by pretending to place the tiny rubies in my bucket only to smile and pop it in their mouth, laughing at my look of mock dismay. Over and over again. The sound of laughter growing with each plunk of berries in the pail.

So now, more than ever, fall captures my heart and soul. God fills me with comfort in the warm colors above me and joy of the precious bounty below me. He awakens my mind with the crisp air and prepares me for the winter to come. I am so thankful for fall and all the treasures God gives in it.

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  1. Great posting! I am so looking forward to seeing the cranberries back on the ground! Hope to get some blueberries this year also!