Friday, September 16, 2011

A Bountiful Alaskan Harvest

So what happens when your 5-year-old and 2-year-old are arguing over the computer screen position while you are in the happy world of oblivion cooking what I'm sure was a fantastic dinner? The computer comes crashing down from it's perch and a trip to the Mac Dr. is in order. So, long story short, my hopes of a somewhat consistant blog was off to a rough start. Now that the computer is fixed and our move is almost complete, prayfully my blog will continue without a hitch. So...without further ado... Yesterday the boys and I dug up our beautifully pathetic potato garden. While seeing others massive potato plants, my garden was obviously lacking. Of course by no fault of it's own. Our poor garden was planted at least an entire month behind schedule. We didn't help the garden out by improving the clay-like soil. We didn't have access to a rototiller, so we used brut force, i.e. my manly husband, Stretch. So when the harvesting commenced, my expectations were quite low....almost nonexistent. However, to my surprise, we had potatoes! And not just marble-sized ones,though those were abundant, but potatoes that could be the perfect-sized side. Digging up potatoes, I found, is much like digging for buried treasure. Will the booty be ruby red or creamy white? Will it be few and large or small and abundant? The clay-filled soil proved to be very difficult to dig in, which makes me believe that had the potatoes been provided even a small mixture of good soil, they may have grown exponentially. But even with that said...I'm convinced that even the most novice, brown-thumbed person, i.e. me, could plant a garden of potatoes and not be disappointed. And in preparation for next year, we will most assuredly be planting earlier and consulting the Potato King, Pastor Troy Abel, for an even more fantastic treasure next harvest.
Our potato garden all dug up...3 rows, about 21 plants.
11 pounds of potatoes
The boys and the booty!
Tucker with the biggest potato.
Titus with the littlest.

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